Petrauskienės , R. Esti apie 50 tūkst. If a member of the group evaluates it very highly and the group is important for him, in such a case the group will be a referent group for him, but if the group is of no importance for him it will be a participant group for him.

Transcription Nr. Lynn R. Thus, it works as a team. The aim of the article is to evaluate the cooperation of the team both within the team and with the teaching staff and the parents. The empirical data used in the article were obtained within the limits of the research carried out in 11 Riga schools of general education in the spring of Key words: a team, cooperation, school support staff.

Separate segments of the education system in Latvia require detailed analysis in order to eliminate the shortcomings favouring the development of circumstances the result of which is that there are dehidratacija sąnarių skausmas who do not obtain even basic education appropriate to their age.

mazi su bracery skausmo

Part of the children do not even begin to attend school at all, others have to repeat the year a second or even a third time. Besides, there are also children who stop learning and they leave school. Since the beginning these commissions have been groups, which under the influence of definite circumstances can undergo qualitative changes and transform into teams, in which the accomplishment of one of its members complements the contribution of mazi su bracery skausmo others.

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A team, unlike a group, have a common aim, a drawn up course of work, cooperation in this process, the differences in the points of view are expressed openly and they are solved in a constructive dialogue. ISSN Socialinis ugdymas.

Characterization of the topicality of the problem The Memorandum of Lifelong Education worked out by the European Council stresses that lifelong education is a significant precondition for the transition to a knowledge-based economy and society but it is impossible without general education acquired at school.

It is the highest index in the Baltic countries.

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It is a fact indicative of the situation taking a turn for the worse. Latvia 1.

Dėl prieskonių primygtinai reikalauja arbatos. Alyvos lašai pridedami prie gėrimų. Išoriniu infuzijos naudojimu ir ekstraktai yra ištirpinami vandenyje vonios priėmimui. Suspausti kompresai. Gvazdikų eterinis aliejus naudojamas masažams ir trina.

The percentage changes yearly within the limits of some tenths of percent. Table 3 The number of school learners without obtained basic education School year Children of the age of compulsory education — — — — — — Are regis- Are not tered but registered do not in an eduattend it cational institution 2 1 2 2 2 2 14 12 mazi su bracery skausmo 14 22 27 Have Have not Proporfinished obtained tion of the primary basic edu- children school cation of the age with a of comschool-repulsory port education 2 1 — 18 15 17 19 26 30 5.

Groups are classified into large and small groups, which in their turn can be classified into smaller groups according to different features. In psychology a group is understood as a community of a limited number of people who have joined together on the basis of some features.

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One of such features may include the number of members of the group. On the other hand, in actually small groups, for example, in small classes there can be 10, 15, 20 or even 30 people in them. However, it should be acknowledged that the borderline in small groups is determined by the specific character of the activities to be performed by the group.

The first to speak about the classification of small groups was Ch. The primary group consists of people with common values, aims and norms of behaviour and who are in closer mutual relations. A typical example of bursitas sąnarių uždegimą is the family, a circle of the closest friends and acquaintances, fellow-students or colleagues.

The secondary group consists of people with some common values, aims and norms of behaviour, whose mutual interaction is more of an episodic character.

mazi su bracery skausmo

Different examples of such groups could be hobby groups, social organizations, professional unions and clubs. The evaluation by the members of the primary group is most important for an individual. Meijo, there appeared a classification of social groups according to the character of the relations among them.

As a rule, formal groups have official registration: a group register, the rights and duties of its members, the status mazi su bracery skausmo society, etc. They are groups consolidating people because of socially non-essential causes but causes which they have in common, for example, common interests, common needs, etc.

Informal groups are not reflected in the structure of the organization and the management frequently does not suspect their existence.

The school support staff group is a real contact group. If people are consolidated conditionally, according to a particular feature for example, adolescents of a town or teachers of state schoolsand they often have no possibilities to contact such groups are called conditional groups. According to these criteria there are low-level developmental groups associations, corporations, diffusive groups and high-level developmental groups Although the activities of the school support staff groups began their activities at the same time in many schools, and they have worked together in the same composition for four years they have not always achieved a high level.

The evaluation of the group by its members is of great importance for its characterization. If a member of the group evaluates it very highly and the group is important for him, in such a case the group will be a referent group for him, but if the group is of no importance for him it will be a participant group for him. In such a group the differences in opinions are openly expressed and solved in a constructive discussion. When joining together in a team it is possible for each member to undertake a duty, which fully corresponds to his abilities and competence.

The greater mazi su bracery skausmo variety in the group differing experience, methods of information processingthe richer and better is the result.

Variety can sometimes cause conflicts.

mazi su bracery skausmo

The team leader must be able to manage the dynamics of the group i. Both the team-leader and the members have a clear idea of the aim, the strategy and tactics to achieve it, as well as each member of the team associates the aim of the team with his own individual aims.

The experience obtained in one sphere of activities is made use of within the limits of possibility when performing another task of the team. The work of the team is planned and logically structured, changes and correction in it are made within the framework of the work of the whole group. Control in the team is carried out both externally and internally.

External control is carried out by structures of a higher- standing organization, internal control is ensured by the team-leader or a member of the team who has been delegated to perform the function of control or coordination.

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Self-control in the team is done by each member of the team. Self-control can be promoted with the help of normative documents standards with which each member of the team can compare his activities and their results.

The correction of activities within the framework of control and self-control is made either from the outside or by the members of the team themselves. The principle of unity envisages understanding the content of the activities of the neighbouring segment, logics and its realization in the joint process.

The formation of the team with different personalities with differing skills and tasks prepares the foundation for further development of the team. However, it is seldom that there is a possibility of choosing concrete members for the team and distributing them tasks to their liking. If there is a need to set up a team, the existing strictly distributed posts and tasks should be taken into consideration.

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Besides, it is necessary to remember that the number of possible alternatives is rather limited, or even impossible, as it is in cases of support staff commissions. There were three professionals in the team — a psychiatrist, a psychologist and a social worker. They shared their knowledge and observations when diagnosing and treating a case. The roles of the team members were clearly distributed.

Characterization of the school support staff team and the functions of its members The support staff commission of the school of general education is a commission developed by the school.

It carries out the coordination and assurance of educational, social mazi su bracery skausmo psychological help within the limits liga sąnarių kiaulių its competence, makes suggestions as to what kind of appropriate pedagogical, social and psychological help should be rendered to learners with learning difficulties.

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The child and the family can be most effectively rendered help in case professionals within the limits of their competences work in a team, sharing responsibility, cooperation, informing and consulting one another. In close cooperation the professionals advance to the common aim moved forward for the solution of a concrete problem, which in this particular case is prevention of learning difficulties.

Each professional within the limits of his competence performs a certain role in the work of the team. Analysis of the activities of the support teams in Riga schools of general education 4. Methodology and organization of the research A complex research was carried out in Riga schools of general education.

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The support staff teams worked in 70 Riga schools of general education according to the information of IJSD there were schools of general education, 25 elementary schools and 11 primary schools in Riga at the beginning of the research Febr.

The base of the research: 11 Riga schools of general education. Results of the research and their analysis Table 4 Evaluation of the support staff commission of mutual cooperation No.

However, it is not equally effective with all the members of the school support staff commission. The research showed that lack of such common criteria makes it impossible to compare the effectiveness of the activities of different school support staff commissions. The analysis of the research shows that insufficient attention is paid to this aspect.

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The need of privacy is often ignored mazi su bracery skausmo the school setting does not ensure it. Only in one school the supervision was delegated to the social educator. Cooperation of the school support staff commission with form teachers is determined by worked out documentation, which judging from the results of the research have no uniform demands and that is why it is different in each school. However, in some schools such documents are not available at all.